I hear that train a coming…

I was at my favorite place on Earth this Sunday, Love and War in Texas.  It’s a Texas themed restaurant that has an enormous patio with live music most nights.  On Sunday they have an afternoon concert.  It was hot as blazes out there, something I’m sure they arranged so they could sell more beer.  There is a train track going right alongside the building and sometimes you are lucky enough to get a freight train barreling down in the middle of a performance.  I’m convinced the train operators can see the crowd and honk the horn for all it’s worth.

No rich folks eating from a fancy dining car, just freight.


Needless to say this is very loud as the train is 20 feet away.  All good performers at L&W will bust into a train song, usually “Folsom Prison Blues”.  The Zane Williams band are true performers and promptly busted it out.

I bet I'd move it on a little farther down the line... so I could finish my set.


Another great day at Love and War.  Next post I’ll tell about the revelation I made after I left that night.