Hey Running Buddy

Cool thing happened while running today.  This happens occasionally, but not very often.  I crossed paths with a runner early in the run and then miles away I came across her again.

My jogging routes meander all over the place but usually take the form of “big loop that starts and ends at my house.”  I don’t like passing near my house anywhere in the middle because it tempts me to stop.  I left before 6:30, came across a lady jogging on one side of a neighborhood and then 3 miles away saw her again along the sidewalk in a commercial area.  She was the only other runner I saw in the whole 45 minute run.  The circumstances were such that we could only have met at those two places if we were both going for long runs on these particular routes.  I thought it was pretty cool, maybe it was that running daze that you get in, so I hope she didn’t think I was too enthusiastic when I shouted “HELLO AGAIN!” the second time.

It’s going to be a good day.

-Steven Gangstead