Supreme 90 Chest Shoulders Tris

This is the fourth workout review from the Supreme 90 Day program.  All S90 work outs use a common warm up and cool down.

Work out: Chest Shoulders Tri

Length: 34:53

Equipment: Dumbbells, Ball


First set targets core muscles (2 exercises, repeat 2 times).  Then

3 super sets (3 exercises, repeat 3 times).


After the intro core set (which I think all workouts may have) it is 3 super sets.  The pace one notch below Frantic.  I call it “I think I may miss the train” (you know, where you are too embarrassed to run all out, so you do an awkward shuffle run while you hold your backpack still).  The demonstrators aren’t racing and they don’t transition between sets in the superset like triathletes so you can mostly keep up with them.  This was a great improvement over previous work outs reviewed so far.  I found if I did 8 reps while they were doing 12 I would be done with time to change my adjustable weights for the next exercise.

The sets were pretty good and the use of ball made it more interesting.  The shoulders and tris get a little more workout than the chest.  At one point the rashness of the production shows itself when all three of the demonstrators finish the second repeat of the super set, put their dumbbells away and look at the host.  They all share an awkward moment before he realizes there’s still a repeat left and tries to spin it like it was just them who forgot and not everyone in the studio except the one producer frantically waving his clip board off stage.  That guy still has hopes of advancing his career past infomercials.

Score (out of 10): 7

Compared to P90X:

Chest Shoulders Tri on P90X is ten times the workout this is, but sometimes you don’t feel like killing yourself.  Also the use of the ball adds some levity and I enjoy it.


I will try to keep the pace of the reviews at about two per week.  There are 6 more workouts to review.

-Steven Gangstead