Supreme 90 Core Dynamics

Today I continue my review of each workout from the Supreme 90 Day program.  Like all S90 work outs it uses a common warm up and cool down.

Work out: Core Dynamics

Length: 18:07

Equipment: Dumbbells


5 sets of 5 30-second exercises with 45 seconds break between sets.  Only one time through each set.


Pretty good core work out.  I expected of all workouts this one would use the ball, but I was wrong.  Nice variety of exercises and they were grouped well. There was a hilariously useless visual timer that counts down only the last 5 seconds of each exercise.  It just reminded you that it needed a more useful display like a CNN news banner across the bottom to show the current and upcoming exercises.  I would definitely do this again, maybe after a run or another work out.

Score (out of 10): 8

Compared to P90X:

Core Synergistics is very similar.  CS has more “fun” exercises (Superman…. Banana!) and is an hour long were as CD gets down to business.  I think I give a slight edge to S90 on this one because I don’t think a whole hour of core exercises is really necessary.  I’d rather do the shorter core workout more often as an adder to others rather than a stand alone workout once a week.