Supreme 90 Ultimate Ball

I’m reviewing Supreme 90, this is the last in the series.

Warm up and cool down are common on all Supreme 90 workouts and were reviewed separately.

Work out: Ultimate Ball

Length: 30:34

Diameter : 32 inches

Color: Blue

Ennuendo: Aplenty

Equipment: Ball (Ultimate preferred, Penultimate will do in a pinch)


30 second ball exercises with 30 seconds rest


I’ll try to get my ball puns out of the way first.  Prepare to get your balls sweaty. Hold your ball with a grip that’s gentle, yet firm, or else you risk popping it.  The demonstrators balls were gray (and looked old), but mine was blue.  Now that’s out of the way, let’s roll along…

Ultimate Ball wasn’t all that challenging.  The exercises were either static plank-type or very slow reps.  Each one used the ball in some way.  The pace was sluggish.  Core exercises aren’t the kind of things that leave you gasping for breath like workouts with weights so you end up just standing around between moves because you don’t need to catch your breath.  It would be easy to supplement this workout with some push ups or squats instead of 30 seconds off.  You could almost take Cardio Challenge and start it at the same time and do 30 seconds core, 30 seconds weighted cardio.  Now that would be an awesome workout.  There was only one totally useless exercise: side crunch.  The demonstrators didn’t know how to do it and neither did I.  What the demonstrators ended up doing was an awkward crunch next to a ball.

Tip: make sure your ball has lots of air in it.  I thought mine was fine, but it was deforming a lot more under weight than the demonstrators’ balls.  A flat ball wants to shoot out from you on some moves.

Score (out of 10): 7

Compared to P90X:

S90 scores another win here as I can’t think of any equivalent P90X routine.  There is P90X Core Synergistics, but that is a bad comparison because you are actually tired afterwards.  Ultimate Ball is almost relaxing because the pace is so slow.


That’s it!  No more exercises to review.  I’ll put a wrap up post with links to all the reviews soon.  Hope you’ve enjoyed.

-Steven Gangstead