Presentation at Dallas.Node

I gave this presentation, “How to Node Chat”, at the 9/22 meetup of Dallas.Node.  In it I cover a little bit of history and internals of Hubot chat bot open sourced by Github.  Then I demonstrate how to make your own and connect it to Slack and Gitter and how to deploy it to Heroku.


Great quote about programming

A parenthetical on the article “What is Code” really made me smile:

The world of code is filled with acronyms. K is modeled on another language called APL, which stands for A Programming Language. Programmers are funny, like your uncle. They hold the self-referential and recursive in the highest regard. Another classic: GNU, which means GNU’s Not Unix. Programmer jokes make you laugh and sigh at once. Or just sigh.

Presentation at Dallas Scala Enthusiasts

Here’s a presentation I made recently (4/9/2015) for the Dallas Scala Enthusiasts meetup group.  I attended Scala Days 2015 in San Francisco and presented the notes I took while there.

scala-days-2015-recapI wasn’t trying to be a substitute for going to the conference, but I realize most people aren’t able to attend and I could provide some guidance of which presentations are worth following up with.  Since the presentation the videos have finally gone live and are available at Parleys

A note on my presentation style:  This is the second presentation I’ve made using Remark.js and hosted on Github Pages and I plan to keep using this setup going forward.  I’ve found this to be a quick way to put a presentation together and easily host and distribute it.  I’m happy with the tradeoffs of making a decent looking presentation very fast with all of my content in markdown.  Also, if there’s demo code (like there was last time), I can keep the code and the presentation in one location.