I used to have some bio stuff here.  I’m currently[1] staff engineer at TSS where I lead a small team.  We mainly write apps in Elixir and I am up to all sorts of DevOps shenanigans including k8s, Flux CD, Terraform.  I also have hobbies and family and things of that nature.

To make it easier on recruiters and snoopers here are the best places where you can find my information:

Linked In

Github profile

Before contacting me for recruiting

I’m interested in Elixir/DevOps roles in DFW or remote.  I’m currently happy with my full time gig but I’m interested in doing some contract DevOps work.  Want me to come in and stabilize things? Figure out why your AWS bill is so high? Set up a sane CI/CD system that’s the goldilocks level of powerful-but-you-can-still-maintain-it-yourself?

I’m not interested in [any number] month contract in [place far away].

[1] Page updated in June 2023 after previously being updated in 2015.  This is not a good place to get current info about me.