Are you a Gangstead?

I have never met anyone with the last name Gangstead who wasn’t a parent, grand parent, sister, wife, or child of mine.  My dad told legend of a distant off shoot of the Gangstead clan that lives in Minnesota.  I’ve seen the little cemetery up in Iowa where the first of my line of Gangsteads (who came over as Gangestad) ended up.

Obviously Google works for me too, so I’m aware that there are other people named Gangstead, but their names aren’t written inside the cover of the old family bible so I don’t know if they are kin to me.  For all I know Gangstead is the Smith of Norway.

If you are a Gangstead and want an email address you can reach out to me.  I’m giving them away. I’m allowed hundreds and I literally only know 4 other Gangsteads.


Thanks to this page I met another Gangstead… Tim.  He also lives in Texas and our dads grew up in tiny towns in Iowa about 10 miles apart.  We can’t trace our  family trees back together, but it’s too close to be a coincidence.  We decided “cousins” is good enough description of our relation.

Steve and Tim

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