Supreme 90 Back and Bi

This is the fifth workout review from the Supreme 90 Day program.  See the common warm up and cool down that workouts share.

Work out: Back and Bi’s

Length: 46:24

Equipment: Dumbbells, Ball


4 super sets (1 core followed by 3 back and bi).  Each super set is 3 exercises repeated 3 times


I learned something today.  In Supreme 90 speak Circuit is the term for Super set.  Following the pattern of not having a pattern this video has a demonstration cut scene before each set.  The pacing is nice and easy to keep up with if even if you are doing a real amount of weight.  I’m no super man, but the guy demo models are sometimes doing curls with what looks like 15 pound weights.  Aside from the core circuit the each set has two types of rows followed by a curl.  Ample variation and no repeats.  The way the ball is worked into the workout is usually by doing an exercise normally done reclined on a bench except putting your shoulders on the ball and doing the exercise from a bridge.  Very easy to imitate.  The trainer guy is starting to bug me by making lots of timing mistakes.  Almost every video he’ll make a mistake like saying it’s the last time through on the 2nd of 3 repetitions of the circuit or saying it’s the last circuit when there’s another circuit left.  Since there’s no progress bar like P90X if you were focusing on the workout you don’t know if he’s right or not.  This bothers me so much because it’s his one job and he doesn’t do it right.  Also this isn’t a live show, you get to do multiple takes to get it right.  Still the workout was good.

Score (out of 10): 7

Compared to P90X:

There is a back and bi’s P90X and it’s a killer.  Instead of one third curl exercises it’s more like one half curl exercises so your biceps swell to big numb basketballs by the end.  Also P90X B&B utilizes pull ups and rows instead of just rows.  This is extra killer because you can’t fake a pull up.  With a row you can do bad form and make it more of an arm and less of a back work out or cheat yourself and not do enough weight.  Not possible with a pull up.  But if you aren’t a pull up machine (too heavy, too woman) S90 is better.  I feel like I got more lower back work out with S90 than P90X on this one.  Overall P90X wins out for the variety and pull ups, but S90 is good when you have less time available.

Come back soon for the remaining 3 workout reviews.

-Steven Gangstead