Supreme 90 Chest and Back

This is a continuation in my review of the Supreme 90 Day workout series. Like all S90 work outs it uses a common warm up and cool down.

Work out: Chest and Back

Length: 22:15

Equipment: Dumbbells, Ball


4 Super sets.  Each SS is 3 exercises, repeated 3 times in quick succession.  Almost no rest between super sets


Way too fast. Instructor is describing the next super set while you are still doing the first set. There are 3 fitness models racing through it, but they go at different paces. There is one guy doing almost no weight and flying through, a girl going a little slower and a guy doing heavier weights at a reasonable pace. That third guy is the only one I could keep up with. It’s also very visually confusing to look up in the middle of an exercise and there are 3 people doing 3 different things. No heads up display to tell you the progress of the workout or what the exercises in the current super set are.

Some of the ball exercises were difficult to imitate. My feet were sliding when trying to lean on the ball. Also with adjustable dumbbells it is a scramble to change them fast enough. I was having to pause the video to complete a super set before they started the next one. My Power Blocks were slowing me down, I don’t know how anyone with SelectTechs could keep up without liberal use of the pause button. The work out was too short. I think the super set thing would work if it had been done a little slower and paused at least a minute between super sets to describe the next.  You could still get the burn of a super set, without feeling lost.  The targeted muscles were effectively worked and I got a good burn and was sore the next day.  I just didn’t enjoy the process.

Score (out of 10): 3

Compared to P90X:

P90X Chest and Back works out the same muscles and is better.  It’s more fun, you can keep up with it, and it has pull ups.  If pull ups aren’t your thing or you only want to spend half an hour then I guess Supreme 90 has the edge, but if you want to enjoy it then P90X.


Stay tuned for the next installment.  On a side note if you are trying to decide on Power Blocks vs Select Techs I recommend Power Blocks.  I did a bunch of internet research and played around with both at the store and Power Blocks feel much sturdier, change weights quicker and are more compact.