Supreme 90 Tabata Inferno

This is the fifth workout review from the Supreme 90 Day program.  See the warm up and cool down that are common to all S90 workouts.

Work out: Tabata Inferno

Length: 37:47

Equipment: Dumbbells


6 Tabata sets ( A set is 20 seconds all out, 10 seconds rest X8, 1 minute between sets)


Welcome to the inferno that is tabata!

I sometimes liked this, sometimes didn’t.  It builds up a good sweat and I like the resistancy cardio-y aspect of it.  Two of the sets are just 2 exercises repeated 4 times (ABABABAB) and that gets really boring.  Those mundane sets make it hard to keep up the intensity.  The other 4 sets are 4 exercises repeated twice (ABCDABCD) and are much more engaging.  Minus one point for variety of exercises.  Many sets have repeats from earlier sets and by the last set all 4 exercises are repeats.  Also minus one point for organization.  All Supreme 90 workouts have the same warm up and cool down videos on the disc, but the TI workout goes ahead and begins with a warm up that’s almost identical to the one included on the same disc.  I thought maybe this was just a problem with editing and the warm up track wasn’t supposed to be on the disc, but at the end Phony Horton references the separate cool down track so I don’t know what they were thinking.

Score (out of 10): 6

Compared to P90X:

It’s got some leaping exercises, kind of like Plyometrics, but there are also pushups and some weight exercises, but it’s a cardio workout.  There isn’t a direct comparison.  Not enough jumping to fully compare to Plyo but that’s probably the closest.  Too much cardio to compare to compare to one of the resistance P90X workouts.


Come back soon for the next workout review!

-Steven Gangstead