Supreme 90 Legs

Quick recap. I started to review the workouts in the Supreme 90 Day workout program, but since I recently updated my twitters to go to my faceplant and my blegs to my twits this will be the first review to go from my bleg to your face.  And Bob’s your uncle.  Basically this is the first one that might get some reads.  If you want to see the other S90 workouts I’ve reviewed they are here.

Warm up and cool down are common on all Supreme 90 discs and were reviewed previously.

Work out: Legs

Length: 22:53

Equipment: Dumbbells, Ball


1 core set (3 exercises X 2), the rest of the workout is like a bad company that doesn’t really have an org chart and thinks that’s a feature.  It’s a bunch of random squats and lunges, and at some point in the middle he says repeat it and you do some of them again. One ball set is called a Triple Header (maybe Triple Heater) and is thrown in there randomly.  Just don’t worry about the structure and follow the leader.


If your leg consisted solely of glutes and if your lower back was part of your leg then this workout would live up to its name.  As it is I left it with fresh calves and even fresher quads.  That’s not to say I’m not tired, I did get a decent workout. Twenty minutes of squats and lunges will take the spring out of anyone’s step.  There is quite a lot of variation in terms of different kinds of lunges and squats, but little variation in terms of other muscles used.  Since the same group is hammered with no rest my lunging muscles were all lunged out and I just couldn’t give a squat at the end.  The ball was used effectively except the “Bulgarian Split Squat” was real difficult to imitate and is more useful with a chair instead.  The leader’s charisma really shines through on one exercise he does with the group and he is encouraging them to stick with it and do the last couple reps with him… except two of the demonstrators are done already and are just watching him.  Truly inspirational.  Like most S90 work outs if you are using adjustable dumbbells be prepared to pause if you want to change the weights at all.  The demonstrators only use two weights though and they don’t appear to use more than 15 pounds.

Score (out of 10): 6

Compared to P90X:

P90X legs are done the same day as back (pull ups) so your legs get brief rests.  Also P90X has a whole hour so they do some useful static exercises like wall squats.  P90X also wins by recognizing that legs also have quads and calves.


-Steven Gangstead