Supreme 90 Wrap Up

This morning I saw the infomercial for Supreme 90 and it reminded me that I still needed to do the wrap up post so that all of my review series is in one place.


Name Time Equipment Rating vs P90X
Warm Up and Cool Down  4:19
 none 5/4  P90X
Chest & Back  22:15 Dumbbells, Ball  3  P90X
Core Dynamics  18:07 Dumbbells  8  S90
Total Body  23:18 Dumbbells  5  P90X
Chest Shoulders Tri  34:53 Dumbbells, Ball  7  P90X
Tabata Inferno  37:47 Dumbbells  6  S90
Back & Bi  46:24 Dumbbells, Ball  7  P90X
Legs  22:53 Dumbbells, Ball  6  P90X
Cardio Challenge  31:07  Dumbbells
(mat, optional)
 9  S90
Ultimate Ball  30:34 Ball  7  S90

Note: there is also an ab workout for a mail in extra fee, which I didn’t purchase.  I’d love to borrow someone’s copy and add it to the review.

Do Supreme 90 if:

  • You only have $20
  • You’ve already done P90X and have memorized all of Tony’s jokes
  • You like squats
  • You have 30-60 minutes a day
  • You want a series of workouts that are good by themselves without strictly following the program

Don’t do Supreme 90 if:

  • Your workout needs to be crazy intense 6 days a week
  • You want a cohesive program with complementary work outs and a useful nutrition plan
  • You want to use heavy weights (greater than 25 lbs)
  • You like pull ups
  • You have 60-90 minutes a day

Bottom Line:

Supreme 90 is a good value for $20, but P90X is a good value at $120 also.
Thanks for reading.
~Steven Gangstead

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